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Is my garden a good fit for an AllotMe Plot?

For every Greenfinger, there's a suitable space.

The key is transparency.

AllotMe Host - Is my garden suitable for a vegetable Plot, Rent my Garden

When you're looking out at that concrete-paved back yard, or an un-ending overgrown jungle, you might be wondering if this is the kind of space that someone could grow food in. Thankfully, the answer is usually yes!

You might not think it's possible to turn your space into a thriving vegetable garden, but fear not, because that's what Greenfingers do best. What's more important is communicating the state your garden is currently in.


For any gardener to get growing in a space, the first thing they'll need is sunlight. If your garden is south-facing then all the better! If your space is more East or West orientated then it's still going to get sunlight, but more so in the morning or evening respectively.

Unless your space is overshadowed by very tall buildings, then it's likely to get sunlight in the middle of the day, even if it's North-facing. Be sure when listing your space to make this clear for any prospective gardeners. If it is south-facing, then you can choose this as one of the space's highlights towards the end of the "List Your Space" form.

Space to Grow

Your Plot doesn't have to be large to be turned into an urban AllotMe plot. Especially in the cities, there are plenty of novel ways a gardener can create vegetable beds out of nothing much. But in order to get started, they will need somewhere for the soil to go.

Don't have any soil beds, or grass? That's ok, but be sure to make this clear. When you're listing your space with AllotMe, there's an option for this (see below). If you don't have any growing medium for a Greenfinger to get started with, then be sure to select "Needs raised beds or containers" so it's crystal clear.

How is the Plot Accessed?

Some spaces will be easy to access for external visitors - eg. when there's a side gate into a back garden, or a private lane where someone can park. But even if it's not straightforward, there will always be a way to make it work. For example, co-ordinating your schedule with any potential Greenfingers so that you'll always be around when they want to maintain the Plot; or perhaps a lockbox / key can be provided further down the line. Again, the key is transparency, so be sure to select the correct option when you list your Plot.

Honesty if the Best Policy

If you're still unsure about certain issues regarding your space, and you're thinking it will put off any potential Greenfingers, then the safest bet is to take photographs and include as much detail as possible when it comes to publishing your listing. So long as any prospective gardeners have a clear understanding of the downsides to your space, then you've done your part. Are there elements to your garden that might be unsafe for children? Or do you have any pets that might be wandering around the Plot at any given moment? These are the kind of points that are always worthily including.

Still Unsure? There's only one way to find out!

The thought might have crossed your mind that the task is simply too great, even for a seasoned grower. But think of the young family just around the corner without a garden to call their own, who would be delighted to start turning over your Plot. And what makes it easy to find out, is that listing your space on AllotMe is 100% free. If you've set a monthly rent for your space, then we'll only take a % fee when it comes time to transfer your rent to you. So what are you waiting for? Grab your smartphone and snap some pics of your space to get started!


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