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How to List your Garden on AllotMe

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

A start to finish guide on becoming a Garden Host with AllotMe

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In this support article, we'll cover the following topics:

- What to do with your space before listing

- How to create and publish a listing

- Next steps

Pre-listing Garden Prep 📸

Before you sit down at your computer or smart phone, there's a couple of quick pre-listing steps to check in on. Because we require at least 5 photos of your space with every new listing, how your garden looks is going to have a big impact on the interest you receive from local Greenfingers.

AllotMe Host signup, rent my garden, list my space, allotment plot, take a photo of my garden

1. Give your space a tidy

Whilst you might not have the time to give your garden the makeover it needs, you can play a small part in sprucing the space up so that it looks it's best with a quick 5min tidy. Are there any loose pieces of furniture, garden detritus, or rusting tools sitting around? If you have outdoor storage, like a shed, then now's the time to make use of it. If any of the paths or entrances are blocked, be sure to free up these areas.

2. Take some photos

When it comes to taking photos of your garden plot, a smartphone will be more than enough in terms of quality. When taking photos, it's important to remember to capture all areas of the space you're offering up for vegetable beds. Take photos of any tools, storage or additional facilities like a greenhouse, or a water source. If your space is accessed by a private gate, or through a building for example, then be sure to record this in a photograph also. AllotMe naturally displays photographs horizontally so make sure to stick to landscape when taking your photos. For best results, stand in the corner of your garden plot and try to capture it from as many angles as possible.

Once you've taken at least 5 great photographs, then it's time to start drafting your listing.

Creating your Plot Listing

3. Signup for a free AllotMe account

Before you can create your listing, you'll need to sign up with AllotMe. You can use your email address, or simply connect your facebook or google account for a quick and easy signup process. As part of the process, we'll ask you to verify you phone number, and then email address. This way, you'll not miss a notification when someone does get in touch to view or rent out your space. If you're using facebook or google to signup, then you'll also be asked to agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy separately.

AllotMe Host signup, rent my garden, list my space, allotment plot

4. Create your Listing Plot listing

Once you're happily signed in on AllotMe, head over to create your listing.

From this page, you'll be asked a series of questions about your space. Most are a simple multiple-choice selection to help describe what kind of state your plot is currently in. But be sure to take the time needed to give a good answer when it comes to writing the description. The more detail you can add, the better information you're providing to potential renters, and higher the likelihood of getting more requests.

Amongst the other choices are questions are how your space is accessed, or when it will be available. If possible, it's best to be flexible about your schedule until you speak with any potential gardeners. If you do have any specific requirements, or pre-requisites for the Greenfinger who would take over your space, then it's best to mention these in the description.

Throughout the process, you'll be able to save and exit this screen to come back and finish it later. These options can be found at the top right hand side of the screen. When you want to come back to finish the listing, simply click the 'List my Space' button on any of our main pages, and instead of creating another listing, you can select 'Edit an existing Draft Listing'. You'll start at the first question, but all of your previously answered sections will already be filled in.

Once you're happy and you've uploaded your photos, simply click through to the final page to see a preview of your listing. Check to make sure you've got your favourite photo in the right place, as this will be the only image that appears for your listing from our home page. Go back to the photo upload question and re-order your photos as desired. The featured photo will be the one shown at the bottom on this question page. Once you've done this final check, you can elect 'Publish Listing'! Listings should be published within about 10 seconds, but please wait until you see the success screen. Once this is done, you should see your plot listed on our home screen.

Next steps

5. Add your preferred payout method (for Paid Plots only)

Straight after you've listed your Plot, you'll need to tell us how you want to get paid for your monthly rent charge (if you've set one!). You can do this by heading to the settings section of your account and then selecting 'Payments' from the left hand side menu. If you have a paid plot listed, then you won't be able to receive any rent requests until you've done this.

NB: If you're offering your space for Free; in exchange for garden maintenance, or a portion of produce, then feel free to skip this step.

6. Putting your best foot forward

Within a week of your plot being listed on AllotMe, it will be shared with any relevant Greenfingers in the surrounding area who have expressed an interest in finding a space to start growing, ie: our Greenfinger Waiting List.

Once you start to receive inquiries about your plot, you'll also get notifications by email and by SMS to keep you informed. We encourage all users to respond quickly to keep the conversation going, and so that nobody is disappointed by a lack of reply.

For tips on how to do well as an AllotMe Host, check our Hosting Best Practices article.


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