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How AllotMe safeguards Hosts

Find out more about AllotMe's built-in protections for Hosts and Plot rentals.

AllotMe Host - Is my garden suitable for a vegetable Plot, Rent my Garden

Renting out your garden to a complete stranger for months or years on end may seem like a daunting proposition to anyone. So if you're a new Host, or just thinking over the idea, we're here to let you know we've got your back.

You're in control

Before you need to worry about the risk of accepting a long-term rental onto your Plot, you have the benefit of exchanging messages with any potential Greenfingers. In most cases, Hosts will conduct viewings of their space prior to clicking "Accept" on any rental request.

Remember that the information you provide in your listing description will help to form part of your tenancy agreement - so if there's any specific rules you'd like your renter to adhere to, then you can note them here.

Once you've published your listing, you'll also be able to add any additional terms if you've decided to draw up a list of rules for your Greenfinger to follow.

You'll find this box at the right hand side of your Plot's listing page (only viewable to you, as the Host).

Damage Protection for your space

In the unlikely event that some damage is by your Greenfinger, there's always the AllotMe Garden Guarantee. The Garden Guarantee is automatic coverage applied to every paid Plot rental, that means Hosts can feel safe, and confident in letting out their space for the greener good.

Built for Trust

Although we've put in place a number of measures to help Hosts feel secure when listing their space, it's important to us that all our Users show respect and trust to each other. That's why we've written a number of policies into our User Agreement to safeguard everyone on our platform, whether you're a Host or Greenfinger.

If you are still having trouble however, you can feel safe in the knowledge that the AllotMe team is available 7 days a week to be contacted - whether it's to do with an existing account query regarding billing, or accessibility; or you've just got a question on what to do next - we're always available.

Rest assured that Hosting your Plot on AllotMe is not something we take lightly, which is why we've put all of these measures in place. So you can feel confident in letting a local Greenfinger turn your space into a thriving AllotMe Plot.


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