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Host Protection

AllotMe's  Garden  Guarantee

If a Greenfinger damages your property or belongings whilst renting out your space and doesn't reimburse you, you may be covered for a cash reimbursement to restore your plot.

AllotMe Garden Guarantee Host.jpg

applies automatically to all Hosts

covers from beginning to end of all bookings

What's protected?

AllotMe's Garden Guarantee may protect:

- Damage to your property caused by Greenfingers

- Damage caused by a Greenfinger's assistance animal or invitee

AllotMe's Garden Guarantee doesn't' protect:

– Theft of belongings or cash  – Damage from ordinary wear and tear – Bodily injury or property damage to guests or others - Damage to your belongings by Greenfingers

How to file a reimbursement request

Head here for a step by step guide of how to request a reimbursement under the AllotMe Garden Guarantee. Or if you'd like to submit a request now, click below.

Ready to rent out your garden?

To read through the full Terms and Conditions of AllotMe's Garden Guarantee head here.

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