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How you get paid as a Host on AllotMe

Find out how you earn money by Hosting your garden as a Plot on AllotMe.

AllotMe Host - Is my garden suitable for a vegetable Plot, Rent my Garden

Once I've found a Greenfinger to rent out my space, how will I get paid? This is a common question for any new Host, but don't worry - at AllotMe, we've made it as simple as possible.

Tell us where to send your Rent payments

After you've set your Plot rent and published your listing, the next thing you'll need to do is input your bank account details in the "Payments" section of your Settings:

You'll then be setup to receive payouts as soon as you've found someone suitable to rent out your Plot.

Say Yes to a Greenfinger

Once you've exchanged messages with local gardeners or you've done viewings, and you know who you want to rent your space, it's important to confirm the rental by clicking "Accept" on the Greenfinger's request. You'll be able to find any Rental Requests in your Inbox.

If there is no Rental Request in your inbox, but you've agreed in conversation with a Greenfinger to start a rental, then you can also prompt them to confirm payment. You can do this by heading to your Plots' listing page, and selecting "Prompt Greenfinger", searching for the name of your renter, and choosing your agreed start date.

Keep in mind that this will send a prompt message for the Greenfinger to complete payment, but you'll still have to press "Accept" to begin the rental agreement.

Automatic, Monthly Rent Payments

Once your rental agreement has commenced, your first Rent payment will be sent direct to your bank account within 7 business days, minus AllotMe's 15% fee (which is used to continuously improve our service). From then on, you'll receive your regular rent payment at the same time every month.

If there are ever any issues with your Greenfinger's rent payments, you'll receive an automatic email notification. At this point, your renter will also receive an email asking them to resolve the issue, and the rent payment will be attempted again within 48hours.


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