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Garden Hosting Best Practices

From pricing strategies to confirming your rental with a new Greenfinger. We give you the lowdown on how to find success as an AllotMe Host.

AllotMe Host - Is my garden suitable for a vegetable Plot, Rent my Garden

In this support article, we'll cover the following topics:

- Keeping your listing up to date

- Responding to inquiries promptly

- Conducting Viewings

- Setting clear expectations

- Pricing Strategies

- The importance of confirming rentals

- Re-listing your space if it doesn't work out

Keep your listing up to date

Has your Plot changed much since you originally listed is on the AllotMe platform? If so, then it might be time to get it updated. The first, and most important piece of this puzzle is taking fresh photographs of your space to accurately represent what's on offer. If your garden has been trimmed or tidied since the last photos, then you'll likely get more requests based off more recent images that show the effort you've put into tidying up your garden. Equally, if the space has become more overgrown, then giving a fair representation of this change will mean less people will be disappointed when it comes time to view.

Once you've taken care of the photographs, then it's time to review the description on your listing. Remember that if you've only included one or two short sentences, then you'll likely receive less requests. Local Greenfingers will be more trusting of a thorough description, that leaves less to the imagination - so don't scrimp on the details!

To update any of the details of your plot, simply head to your listing page and select the 'Edit Listing' option on the right hand side.

Respond to inquiries within 24hours

Getting back to Greenfingers that have taken the time to inquire about your Plot shows that you're attentive and considerate. Remember that most vegetable gardeners are looking for a Plot for the long term, so prompt communication is key. Replying to questions asked through AllotMe, or being quick to arrange any viewings will be instrumental in fostering a great relationship with any potential renters.

Consider adding the site to your phone to get access to messages quicker. Check out these guides online for how to do this for iPhone or Android.

Note: Listings that receive multiple requests without response may be snoozed (temporarily closed) by AllotMe if Hosts appear to be unresponsive. Remember there are thousands of Greenfingers on our Waiting List, and we don't want to leave them feeling disheartened by lack of replies from Hosts!

Conduct Viewings with prospective renters

Whilst using AllotMe means that Hosts can accept rental requests with relative speed, it's important to establish if each prospective Greenfinger will be a good fit for your Plot. The safest and most reliable way to do this (aside from having a detailed listing) is to conduct viewings.

Most gardeners will want to see the space before they commit for the long term, so why not offer a few different time slots to each individual to make it as easy as possible for them to get a better understanding of what's on offer. Once a viewing date and time has been agreed upon, then you'll have the opportunity to find out more about the Greenfinger, and answer any questions they might have.

Set clear expectations

If you are looking for a particular type of individual to rent out your space, then the first and best place to make this clear is your listing. When you're writing your description, it's a good idea to include any specific requirements. For example, if you'd prefer that pets weren't allowed on the Plot, or perhaps you only want experienced gardeners, the listing description is the place to make this clear - and will help to avoid disappointment for either party.

Is your Plot rental price right?

When it comes to putting a figure against your garden space, it might feel difficult to judge. The first thing to check is what other Plots are being listed at in similar settings, and similar sizes. When we talk about settings, the location of your Plot is key. For example, if your space is nestled in the heart of the city, with lots of transport hubs nearby, then a higher rental price might be warranted. If, however, you're in a more suburban or rural setting, then make sure to adjust your price accordingly.

Whilst the rental price is entirely up to you as the Host, it's important to review whether or not you've got the pricing right. If your listing has been live for several months and you've not had any inquiries - it might be because the rental price is not suitable for your space. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then it's time to adjust the cost accordingly. If you do think you've got a fair price, then perhaps you just need to add more detail, and better photographs to your listing to help showcase your Plot!

NB: If your listing is a Free to rent Plot, then this last line is especially important if your requests have been few and far between.

The importance of confirming your Rental

Once you've exchanged messages with a local Greenfinger, and met the individual during a booking, then it's time to confirm the booking through AllotMe. Whether your Plot is Free, or Paid it's essential that you follow through to confirm the renal arrangement on AllotMe's platform. Here's why:

- All plots rented out through AllotMe are covered under our Garden Guarantee (so if you haven't confirmed, then you're not covered!)

- Accepting a rental requests means a Tenancy Agreement is formed between Host and Greenfinger, safeguarding both parties under our Terms .

- Confirming your Plot Rental means we know you've found someone to tend to your Plot, and we'll stop sharing your listing online. Otherwise you'll continue to receive requests!

- When accepting the Plot, you'll get the option to close your listing.

The primary way to confirm your booking is to press 'Accept' when a Request to Rent is submitted by your chosen Greenfinger. You'll be able to find any outstanding requests by heading to your inbox.

But what if your Greenfinger hasn't submitted a Rental Request for your Plot? Not to worry! We've added a handy way for Hosts to initiate the Plot Rental. You can do this directly from your Plot Listing Page. Simply head to the right hand side booking box, and select 'Prompt Greenfinger', as shown below:

Once you select 'Prompt Greenfinger' you'll be able to search for the individual from a list of names you've already been in conversation with.

When you've found the right user, you can then choose the agreed upon start date for the rental, and a prompt to process the booking will be sent to your new Greenfinger - including any links to confirm payment, where required.

Re-listing your Plot if it doesn't work out

Say you've been getting on well with your renter, but all of a sudden the circumstances change. Perhaps your current Greenfinger is no longer able to commit the same amount of time, or has had to relocate to another town... Rest assured that there are plenty more gardeners waiting in the wings for a chance to tend your Plot. At this point you may need cancel your current plot rental, which can be done from your Rentals page. If this option is unavailable on your Plot Rentals page, then please get in touch with AllotMe Support:

When you found someone the first time around, you'll likely have closed the listing in order to stop receiving requests. So when it's time to find a new Greenfinger, simply press 'Reopen Listing' on your listing page - which can be found under Settings > Manage all my Listings. Remember if your plot has changed, then it's worthwhile updating your photos, or adding some detail to your description about the current state of your space.

Got questions that weren't answered in this article? Check out our most Frequently Asked Questions.

For everything else, feel free to get in touch directly by emailing our Host team:


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