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Planting Timelines

    - Fill pots or cell trays with compost and pat down to firm the soil
    - Make a small well in the soil with your finger approx 1cm deep
    - Place a couple of seed well spaced per cell or small pot
    - Cover with compost, lightly pat down and water
    - Rosemary seeds can take a long time to Germinate (15-25 days)
    - Once seedlings emerge, be careful not to overwater as Rosemary is incredibly drought resistant
    - Plant out once the plant is large enough (harden off the plant by gradually bringing it outside for longer periods of time during the day for a week)

How to Grow Rosemary

Sow Seeds Indoors


Sow Seeds Outdoors

April, May

Time to Harvest

Approx 6 weeks from Germination

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