How to Grow Onions



Planting Time:

Late Winter Indoors, or Early Spring Outdoors

Harvest Time:

Approx 16 weeks



Planting & Care Instructions:

    Fill pots or cell trays with compost and press down to firm the soil
    Sow between 4-8 seeds per pot or cell
    For outdoor direct-to-soil sowing, create drills 1cm deep and sow the seeds thinly in 4cm rows (seedlings will need thinned out once germinated into 4 inch separation)
    Cover over with 1cm of compost, pat down and water
    For indoor sowing: Transplant the seedlings to soil outside approx 4inches apart whilst the plants are still small to avoid disturbing the roots
    Onion sets can also be planted for convenience in mid-Spring (plant direct to soil with just the tips poking out)
    Onions are ready for harvest when the bulbs are bulging out of the soil and all of the leaves have bent down to the ground.
    Leave harvest to air out and dry before use.
How to Grow Onions