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Planting Timelines

    - Firm down soil by shuffling your feet over the top of the bed (cabbage roots like firm soil)
    - Form drills in the soil about half an inch / 2cm deep and about 6 inches apart
    - Sow the seeds thinly down each row
    - Cover over with compost, pat down and water
    - Keep the soil moist with regular sowing
    - Thin out the seedlings once they emerge so they are spaced roughly 18 inches apart
    - Seeds can be sowed into pots or cell trays indoors first and transplanted into a soil bed outdoors once 3-4 true leaves appear
    - If transplanting from indoors, generously water the seedlings once they are in the ground to help settle the soil
    - To protect from pests, cover cabbages in netting during the summer months
    - Harvest with a sharp knife if taking whole cabbage heads, or tear off leaves from spring cabbages as and when needed
    - Keep well watered during harvest season to avoid the cabbage head splitting and going to seed

How to Grow Cabbage

Sow Seeds Indoors

Mid Spring

Sow Seeds Outdoors

Late Spring, or late Summer/ Early Autumn

Time to Harvest

Between 4-6 months

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