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Planting Timelines

    - If temperatures are still cool, sow indoors first until warmer weather comes
    - Take a handful of seeds and scatter a few in each small pot or cell
    - Sprinkle a fine layer of compost over the seeds and pat down
    - Approx 4 weeks after Germinating, transplant the seedlings into their larger final container or directly into - the soil if it is warm enough
    - If planting outside, make sure plants are positioned away from direct sunlight during the warmest hours of the day
    - Space approx 6 inches apart in a soil bed when planting out
    - You can begin to harvest leaves as soon as they reach maturity
    - Basil can stay indoors for year-round growth and harvesting
    - Water multiple times a week during the warmer months of the year
    - When harvesting, take cuttings from the top to promote growth from lower segments
    - Cuttings can be taken and placed in water until roots emerge. These can then be planted in new pots or soil beds if the climate is warm enough

How to Grow Basil

Sow Seeds Indoors

February, March

Sow Seeds Outdoors

April, May, June, July

Time to Harvest

Approx 7 - 8 weeks from Germination onwards

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