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How to rent out a Plot with AllotMe

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

A start to finish guide on securing a space to grow your own food on a local AllotMe Plot.

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In this support article, we'll cover the following topics:

- Initial Signup

- Searching for a Plot

- Reaching out to garden Hosts

- Viewing Plots

- Securing your space

Signing up

Create your AllotMe account

Before you can reach out to any Plot Hosts, you'll need to sign up with AllotMe. You can use your email address, or simply connect your facebook or google account for a quick and easy signup process. As part of the process, we'll ask you to verify you phone number and email address. This way, you'll not miss a notification when a Host responds to one of your messages. If you're using facebook or google to signup, then you'll also be asked to agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy separately.

AllotMe Host signup, rent my garden, list my space, allotment plot

Searching for a Plot

Once you're happily signed in on AllotMe, head over to find a Plot near you.

From this page, you'll be able to see all of the available Plots on AllotMe around the world. You can view the listings in a continuous list, or search by location using our map page.

When looking for a plot, you can simply type in your town, city or post code into the search bar. Results will be shown for the closest Plot to your given location. So if there isn't a space nearby, then you'll be shown the next closest space.

If none of the current options are the right fit for you of course, then you can join our Greenfinger Waiting List. By entering your details in the green box on this landing page, you're letting us know that you'd love to see a Plot in your area. So when one does become available, you'll get an email notification to let you know.

Making contact with a Garden Host

Once you've found a Plot that you like the look of, it's time to get reach out to the Host. You might have questions about the space, or the amenities available like storage or access to water - but most importantly, it's worth getting in touch to arrange to view the space in person. The primary way to get in touch with any Host is through the listing page itself. On the right hand side of every listing page, you'll see the booking box - along with the button "Message the Host".

What to say when contacting a Host

It's important to put your best foot forward when reaching out to inquire about a Plot. Treat it almost as if you're applying to rent a flat or applying for a job: you want to make a good first impression! Tell the Host a little bit about yourself, why you're looking for a plot, and what experience (if any) you have with gardening or growing your own food. Don't worry if you're a first time vegetable grower, but assure the Host that you're keen to learn through first hand experience, and that you'll treat their space with respect.

Aside from telling the Host about yourself, and why you're inquiring; the next thing to do is to arrange a date and time to visit the Plot and meet the Host in person. If you've got a lot of questions, it might be an idea to save some of these for your viewing.

Viewing Plots

When it comes time to meet your potential Plot Host in person, remember to be punctual. Most Hosts are looking for someone reliable, so turning up on time and at the right place will be key in demonstrating that's you! Now is your chance to ask any questions and discuss what your plans might be for their garden space.

If there's particular plants you're interested in growing, or some raised beds you'd like to install, then be sure to mention these to the Host. It's also important to get a good understanding of what their expectations are too. For example, if they're only looking for someone to come at the weekends, but you'd like to come in the evenings, then it might not be a great fit. If, however, everything looks and sounds good, then the next step is securing your Plot.

Securing your AllotMe Plot

Once all questions have been answered, and you're happy with the space you'd like to tend, it's time to complete the booking through AllotMe. Even if you're trying to secure a Plot that's been offered for Free, then it's still important to complete your booking on the platform. Here's why:

- All plots rented out through AllotMe are covered under our Garden Guarantee (so if you haven't confirmed, then it's not covered!)

- Booking the Plot with AllotMe forms a Tenancy Agreement between Host and Greenfinger, safeguarding both parties under our Terms .

- Confirming your Plot Rental means we know the Plot has been taken, and we'll stop sharing the listing online. Otherwise it might continue to receive requests from other interested growers

- If the Plot in question is listed for a monthly rent price, then it's even more important to secure your Plot, so that your Host receives their plot rent securely and on-time every month.

How to Book:

To confirm you want to take up a Plot, simply head to the listing page for that space, and return to the booking box on the right hand side:

Following these steps, depending on if your chosen Plot is free or paid, you will either be asked to enter your card details, or simply confirm with a message to the Host.

For all Paid Plots, your first month's rent will be taken immediately and held in Escrow until the Host responds to your request. If the Host, for any reason, chooses not to accept your request, then the money will be returned to your bank. If the Host accepts your request, then you will receive an email notification, and every month an emailed receipt will be sent to you. Rent will be taken from your account every month around the time of your chosen commencement date.

Get Growing!

Once all of the boring admin is taken care of, you can get down to the fun of growing your own fruit and vegetables. If you are new to growing your own, then fear not: we've got an entire catalogue of vegetable growing guides to help get you started. You can find them all here.

However, if you'd like some more specific advice, then feel free to get in touch directly by emailing


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