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December: What veg you could be harvesting this month, and how.

As the winter season is upon us here in the UK, many people may be wondering which vegetables can still be harvested from their gardens. While it may be tempting to give up on gardening altogether during the colder months, there are actually several vegetables that can be harvested in December in a UK climate.

Brussel Sprouts

AllotMe Brussel Sprouts
A stalwart in every Christmas roast dinner

One of the most common vegetables that can be harvested in December is Brussels sprouts. These small, cabbage-like vegetables are a staple of many winter meals, and can be harvested by cutting them off the stalk at the base of the plant. It is important to make sure that the Brussels sprouts are fully mature before harvesting, as they will not continue to grow once they are picked.

Hardy Greens

AllotMe Kale Plants
Nutritious, and incredibly versatile in the kitchen

Another vegetable that can be harvested in December is kale. Kale is a hardy green that can withstand cold temperatures, and is often used in soups and stews during the winter months. To harvest kale, simply cut the leaves off the plant at the base, making sure to leave enough leaves on the plant to continue growing.

Root Vegetables

AllotMe Parsnips
No Christmas lunch should be without golden-roasted root vegetables

Root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, and turnips can also be harvested in December. To harvest these vegetables, carefully dig them up using a garden fork or spade, being careful not to damage the roots. Once they have been dug up, they can be stored in a cool, dark place for use throughout the winter.

Finally, herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and sage can be harvested in December for use in a variety of dishes. To harvest these herbs, simply cut the stems off the plant, making sure to leave enough leaves on the plant to continue growing.

Winter Preparations

In order to successfully harvest vegetables in December, it is important to take care of your plants throughout the year. This means providing them with adequate water, sunlight, and nutrients, and protecting them from pests and diseases.

If you are new to gardening, it can be helpful to do some research on the specific vegetables you want to grow, as well as the climate in your area. This will help you determine the best time to plant and harvest your vegetables, and ensure that they are healthy and productive.

Overall, while gardening in the UK during the winter months may require a bit more effort and preparation, it is definitely possible to harvest a variety of delicious and nutritious vegetables. So don't give up on your garden just yet – with the right care and attention, you can enjoy the bounty of the winter season.

If you're reading this and planning for next year's winter harvest instead, then don't worry there's still plenty of tasks to be getting on with in your garden this month. Check out our other article on what to do in your garden in December.


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