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AllotMe Grow Your Own Food London Covid-19 Protocols

Safety is a shared responsibility



At AllotMe, our number one priority is the safety and wellness of our community. We want our members to have peace of mind that the upmost safety measures are being adhered to when it comes to Covid-19 protocols.

All new Hosts & Greenfingers sign up to abide by our Coronavirus safety measures, as well as current Government guidelines. We know that tending to an AllotMe plot can provide a much needed outlet during times of uncertainty or isolation - but this can only be possible when all our users commit to safe and reasonable practices.

Mask Wearing

During any interaction between Hosts and Greenfingers, all parties must be wearing face coverings or masks.

Social Distancing

Hosts and guests are required to maintain a social distance of six feet (two metres) or more – as recommended by global health organisations.

Cleaning Protocols

Where Hosts are allowing Greenfingers to use garden tools, they must be sufficiently sanitised before by Hosts, and after use by Greenfingers.

AllotMe Grow Your Own Food London Covid-19 Protocols Allotments Community Gardens

Safe Access to Plots

As opposed to traditional allotments or community gardens, AllotMe Plots have the added safety of being located in a private garden for most cases. This means you can usually know what to expect when entering your plot.

Whilst the outstanding risk of Covid-19 is apparent, however, both Hosts and Greenfingers need to ensure that access to their Plot is reasonably safe. This means that it must be possible to remain socially distant throughout the time spent at any Plot. For gardens that are accessed through households, a socially distant access route must be agreed between both parties whilst ensuring masks are worn by anyone in the immediate vicinity.

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