How to Grow Potatoes



Planting Time:


Harvest Time:

First, second and main crops in early, mid and late Summer



Planting & Care Instructions:

    Buy chitting potatoes, or start them by leaving some potatoes in egg boxes in the sun until shoot stems appear around February
    To grow larger potatoes, only leave one or two stems on the potato before planting
    The potatoes are ready to be planted when the root stems are approx 3cm long
    Start by digging trenches approx 4-5 inches deep, with deeper areas for larger potatoes
    Space potatoes apart approx 30cm in rows approx 40-50cm apart
    Gently place each potato with the shoots facing upward
    Once the shoots appear, bury the bottom of the stem up until the leaves
    Continue this process as the potato shoots grow taller
    By the end of the season, each plant should have a mound of soil at its base approx 6 inches high
How to Grow Potatoes