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Planting Timelines

    - Parsley can be sowed direct outdoor in Spring, so there is not need to start in cell trays or small pot: instead sow direct to a final pot or into a soil bed
    - If sowing in a pot, place a few seeds around the soil, and cover with a thin layer of compost
    - Pat down the compost to firm and water
    - If sowing direct to a soil bed, make a hallow drill, about 1cm deep and sprinkle in the seeds thinly
    - Plants can take up to 4 - 5 weeks to germinate, so keep the soil relatively moist whilst waiting for seedlings to emerge
    - Once the plants emerge, thin out the rows in the soil bed so they approx. 6 inches apart
    - Thin out any excess seedlings for pot-sowed plants. These can be used in the kitchen
    - You can harvest your parsley once the leaves have reached maturity by snipping them off at the stem with a pair of scissors

How to Grow Parsley

Sow Seeds Indoors


Sow Seeds Outdoors

March, April, May

Time to Harvest

Approx 12 - 14 weeks

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