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Leafy Greens



Planting Timelines

    - Lettuce can be sowed indoors all year round, or outdoors during the warmer months of the year
    - Fill pots or cell trays with compost and press down to firm the soil
    - Take a pinch and sprinkle thinly into each pot or cell
    - Cover the seeds with 0.5cm of compost, pat down and gently water
    - For outdoor direct sowing, make drills approx 1cm deep, spaced approx 6 inches apart
    - Sprinkle the seeds thinly into the drills, cover with finely raked soil, and water evenly
    - When the seedling emerge, thin them out so that the remaining plants are at least 1 inch apart
    - Harvest little and often to ensure continuous growth

How to Grow Lettuce

Sow Seeds Indoors


Sow Seeds Outdoors

March, April, May, June, July

Time to Harvest

Approx 4 - 6 weeks onwards

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