How to Grow Lettuce


Leafy Greens

Planting Time:

Late Winter, Early Spring, Summer & Autumn

Harvest Time:

Approx 4 - 6 weeks onwards



Planting & Care Instructions:

    Lettuce can be sowed indoors all year round, or outdoors during the warmer months of the year
    Fill pots or cell trays with compost and press down to firm the soil
    Take a pinch and sprinkle thinly into each pot or cell
    Cover the seeds with 0.5cm of compost, pat down and gently water
    For outdoor direct sowing, make drills approx 1cm deep, spaced approx 6 inches apart
    Sprinkle the seeds thinly into the drills, cover with finely raked soil, and water evenly
    When the seedling emerge, thin them out so that the remaining plants are at least 1 inch apart
    Harvest little and often to ensure continuous growth
How to Grow Lettuce