How to Grow Kohl Rabi



Planting Time:

Late Winter, Early Spring or mid-Summer

Harvest Time:

Approx 10 - 14 weeks



Planting & Care Instructions:

    Kohl Rabi can be grown in containers or in soil beds. For containers growing, make sure you have large enough pots
    For soil beds, you will be starting the plants off indoors first in small pots or cell trays
    Fill your pots or cell trays with compost and press down lightly to firm the soil
    Water the soil prior to sowing your seeds
    Create small wells approx. a quarter of an inch deep and sow 2 seeds per cell at least an inch apart
    Cover the seeds with compost and gently pat down to firm, giving the soil another light watering
    The seeds will take approx. 2 weeks to germinate.
    If the seedlings are growing fast, pot on to larger containers as required
    After about 7 weeks, the plants are ready to transplant out to a soil bed outside
    Create holes in your soil bed of equal size to the pots where the seedlings have been growing
    Squeeze the sides of your pots to gently pull out the plants and place them into the holes created
    Harvest when the Kohl Rabi has reached your preferred size
How to Grow Kohl Rabi