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Planting Timelines

    - Broccoli seeds can be sown indoors until April, or outdoors from after April
    - For indoors: Fill pots or cell trays with compost and press down to firm the soil
    - Take a couple of seeds and sow into each pot or cell
    - Cover the seeds with 0.5cm of compost, pat down and gently water
    - If sowing direct to outdoors from April onwards, make trenches or wells for the seeds approx 12-18 inches apart
    - Seedlings make need thinning out to keep spacing once emerged
    - If transplanting from indoors, assure plants are spaced approx 18 inches apart

How to Grow Broccoli

Sow Seeds Indoors


Sow Seeds Outdoors

April, May, June

Time to Harvest

Approx 14 - 21 weeks

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